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  • Triangle Labor Seminar Spring 2023 Line-Up

    The Triangle Labor Seminar Presents:   Reeve Huston, Duke University Discussion of “Who Regulates? Trade Unions, Squatters’ Associations, Political Parties, and the Boundaries of Popular Self-Governance in Antebellum America.”   Date & Time: January 27, 2023 (3:30pm)   Location: Love … Continued

  • Triangle Labor Seminar Fall 2022 Line-Up

    The Triangle Labor Seminar Presents:   Dr. Calvin Ryan Cheung-Miaw  Discussion of chapter entitled “”What are Korean “Mom and Pop” Store Owners’: Race and Solidarity after Korean-Black Conflict” from manuscript in-progress   Time: September 30, 2022 @3:30pm   Location: Changed … Continued

  • Interview with Prof. David Zonderman (February 2020)

    Professor David Zonderman just had a great new interview about the importance of unions. He argues in “A Barren Marriage” that, among other things, unions are a “fundamental way for workers to express their basic demands for decent wages and … Continued